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Lila Dunlap

From Proto-Indo-European deru- or dreu-, “tryst” is cognate with duir, Ogham for oak, as well as druid. Sturdy oak for making doors for druids to open. Lovers pressed against the venerable trunk… see more.


Robert Kelly

SEASPEL is a mosaic. It is formed of shells of perception, sacred narratives well or ill remembered, glimpses of ocean, reminiscences about a great teacher and his students. In island folk art… see more.

Mitch Highfill

In these works, Mitch Highfill’s writing variously blossoms and explodes: ‘Form is alive.’ Thinking through the contemporary moment in five complex and demanding sequences, Highfill creates poetry that celebrates quotidian blisses, bewails… see more.

Black Light Casts White Shadows
Charles Stein

These poems are an orchestrated selection from work not in the Tornado Island series, either composed between 2001 and 2018 or recovered and reworked during that time…see more.

New titles coming soon from
* Lynn Behrendt
* Lila Dunlap
* Kimberly Lyons
* Thomas Meyer
* George Quasha

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